There are many new companies in the CNC plasma business. Unfortunately, many
customers get duped into buying a poorly designed table. If you do not know what to
look for, it is easy to make that mistake. There is always a trade off for a low cost, but
here are some things to watch out for.
Ask the following questions before buying a table:
Do you use Chinese controls?
Do you have torch height control?
Is the torch height control integrated into the software?
This allows you to change the settings from the computer screen
Chinese controls do not perform well and shoud be avoided
You will want THC and any reputable supplier will have it as standard equipment
If you can control THC from the computer screen, then the manufacturer is
selling state of the art controls. If you have to use a remote display to set the
arc voltage, then it is old technology. It is from the era of XP computers with
parallel ports. Although this this older technology does work, many advances
have been made with THC over the years and integrated systems work much
Do you require a parallel port computer to run the table?
Although parallel port computers work well for controlling CNC machines,
new computers no longer have parallel ports. This means that you will
need to run a used computer. If a connection is made via an ethernet or
USB connection, new or used can be used and is a better choice.
Do you have technical support?
This is extremely important if you are not an expert at running a CNC
plasma table. Many new companies go out of business just due to technical
support issues. An established company is a much better choice than a
new company.
The most important factor in a table is a plug and play control
package with technical support made and supported in the USA.
This costs more, but you will have a table that functions well.
CandCNC is the best value in CNC controls.
There is no other new 4x4 table on the market for under $4K with
the quality of the iplasma 5.0. The reason this is possible is that
Precision Plasma LLC and CandCNC specialize in mechanical
tables and CNC controls respectively. We both build in volume and
we both support our products separately. We also do not gouge the
customer. Some companies make $10K+ profit on a 4x4 machine.