The most important part of a CNC plasma cutting table is controls. You want an
integrated torch height control. The best solution on the market is a complete plug
and play electronics package from The control package required is
the Bladerunner 300-4. This includes digital torch height control and preconfigured
Just add a monitor to have a complete control package.
If you prefer to call: #903-364-2740 or #903-364-5849
We have worked closely with candcnc to get a package specifically for the iplasma 5.0
$280 instant rebate on CandCNC control package included with
iplasma 5.0 table kit purchase
(only available with iplasma 5.0 purchase and only works on Bladerunner 300-4 kit )
Wiring Information
Replace the jumper wire on the
Bladerunner I/O card with the emergency
stop wired normally closed.
I/O card found when you open Bladerunner. Holes are predrilled
and plugged in the bottom of the enclosure to run switch wires.
Connect limit switches normally open
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