Place (2) legs on a flat surface. Place the "J" channel on the (2) legs.
CENTER THE SLOT of the "J" channel over the holes in the legs. Insert (2) 3/8"
bolts from the back side and install the nuts finger tight.
Make sure the legs are square to the "J" channel and tighten the 3/8" bolts.
Install the leveling feet on the legs using the 1/2" washers and nuts as shown.
Stand up the leg assemblies and add the side angles to hold the (2) leg assemblies
Center the 3/8" bolts in the slots finger tight.
Install and additional 3/8" bolt in each of the (4) corners finger tight.
Square the side angles to the "J" channels on all (4) corners)
Install M5 button head screws and tee nuts on the "J" channel sides of the frame.
Open the box from
Unwrap the components.
Verify that the extrusions are square. Contact with any issues.
There are 2 holes in each end of the extrusions that are not tapped. Thread the M5
socket head screw into the untapped holes. Use oil. This is called roll forming threads.
Remove the nuts from the center screws.
Install the Z axis delrin nut block.
Slide short extrusion into front wheels. Hex wheel bushings are eccentric and
can be adjusted with a 9/16" wrench. You want them tight enough so that you
can almost skid them on the extrusion. They are preset before shipping but may
require some adjustment.
Install upper motor mount but only finger tight.
Install lower bearing plate finger tight with only 2 screws. (bearing flange inwards)
Install screw through bearings and delrin nut. Install set screw collar next to each bearing flange.
Screw should be flush with bottom bearing.
Raise carrige to top of travel and tighten the upper motor mount / bearing plate.
Verify that the motor sits flush. If the shaft hits the screw, the screw must be lowered.
Center and install the coupling on the end of the screw.
Remove the lower bearing plate.
Install limit switch and stop bumper while sliding on torch mount plate. Adjust hex
bearing bushings as necessary. (hand torch bumper position shown)
If optional machine torch mount is purchased, stop bumper should be installed in
lower position.
Move carriage to lowest position and install lower bearing plate. Bearing flange
should face inwards next to shaft collar.
Reinstall hand torch mount if it was previously removed. Adjust bumper and limit
switch to match as shown.
Center pan on extrusion and mark each slot.
Install tee nut, washer, and bolt at each mark.
With the pan square to the extrusion, tighten each bolt with an 8mm wrench.
Install a belt clip to the bottom of each extrusion end as shown.
Slide carriage assembly onto extrusion. Adjust hex wheel bushings as necessary.
Install X home switch into extrusion slots.
Bolt end assemblies onto extrusion with the (12) M5 button head screws.
Gantry is now complete and ready to be mounted on frame.